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This article explains how you can Health Tips become a different and, above all, healthier person in just 30 days! Practice one of our health tips every day. The first tip on the first day, the first tip on the second day, and the second tip. On the third day, the first, the second, the third, health tip, etc. After a month, your daily routine will look very different from today. And you are not only healthier but also more attractive and powerful!

Health Tips:

Please print out the list below and stick it on your fridge, bulletin board, or bedside table. Every day you take a new tip and put it into practice. In this way, you dedicate a little more to your health every day. The 30 tips – or at least a few of them – will soon become second nature to you. Have fun! Health Tips.

(Tips that recommend certain foods (e.g., 9. Quinoa Day) or sports do not have to be implemented daily. The former maybe every three to five days. The latter at least two, better four times a week.)

Health Tips – The Water Day

Health Tips: Replace soft drinks, juices, sweetened teas, and alcoholic beverages with unsweetened herbal tea or water (sparkling or still ).

The Raw Appetizers Day

Before every meal, eat raw fruit, some raw vegetables (kohlrabi, cucumber, etc.), or a crunchy leaf salad as a starter. Chew thoroughly and slowly so that the raw food is well digested and tolerated.

Health Tips – The Sports Day

Add 5 minutes to your daily exercise routine. Don’t have a sports program? Start with 5 minutes a day! Use your home trainer, cross trainer, treadmill, or similar. If you don’t have a device, use sports instructions/sports videos on the internet. Soon 5 minutes won’t be enough for you; wait it out!

The Sun Day

Treat yourself to more sunshine! When the sun is out, sunbathe. Dependent on the term and time of day, it should take between 10 and 30 minutes.

Pilates Day

Do you know Pilates? Look around your residential area to see whether you can take a beginner’s course there. It’s probably the best exercise system for increased mobility, perfect posture, increased muscle strength, and improved fitness. If classes are banned again due to a lockdown, use the internet here or look for a personal trainer who gives individual lessons.

The Smoothie Tag

Drink a green smoothie a day.

Houseplant Day

Buy more houseplants: they clean the air in your home. But make sure that you buy plants that also suit your home. Place the aloe Vera in the south-facing window and get shade plants if your apartment is relatively poor in light.

Vitamin-D-Tag Health Tips

Since you have been sunbathing regularly since day 4, your vitamin D level has undoubtedly risen because the organism can produce vitamin D independently under the influence of sunlight. If you cannot go out in the sun regularly or if the sun is not shining at all, you should – at least in winter – take vitamin D as a dietary supplement, ideally combined with vitamin K2 and magnesium.

Magnesium now ensures that vitamin D is activated in the first place. Vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption from the intestine, and vitamin K2 ensures that the calcium is built into the bones and not into the blood vessel walls. But vitamin D also strengthens the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases only if you were previously deficient. Therefore, have your vitamin D level checked before taking it. You can read everything you need to know about this at the link above.

Quinoa Day

Eat more quinoa. Quinoa is a so-called pseudo-grain. It provides highly high-quality protein and contains a lot of iron, magnesium, and calcium. Quinoa is an excellent addition to pasta or rice.

The Fat Day

Inspect your fat stores today and switch to healthy fats. Replace frying fat with high-quality organic coconut oil or organic frying oil. Replace cheap salad oils with virgin olive oil and treat yourself to something special now and then, e.g., B., high-quality organic linseed oil or hemp oil. You can use small amounts every day for your salad dressings and drizzle them over boiled potatoes.

Antioxidant Day

Check out this article: Antioxidants for yours. After reading this, decide whether you are consuming enough antioxidants and, if in doubt, look for a high-quality dietary supplement, such as B. Astaxanthin.

OPC from the grape seeds, curcumin from turmeric, sulforaphane from broccoli, quercetin, resveratrol, or the Abronia berry provides extremely rich and influential antioxidants.

The Detox Day

Do you know that the root of health lies hidden in the gut? In the case of complaints of any kind, intestinal cleansing is one of the first and most important steps. Cleansing the intestines can now be integrated into everyday life very simply and uncomplicated. Use the solid detoxifying effect of bentonite and psyllium husk powder and build up your intestinal flora. Think about when you want to start a colon cleanse today and find out about its benefits: antioxidants for your health.

Teeth Day

Think about what you could do for your teeth and gum health today. Attractive measures with sometimes overwhelmingly positive effects are, for example, oil pulling and mouthwashes with xylitol. Here you will find further tips that are helpful for periodontitis.

The Eye Day

Are your eyes failing? Or do you already wear glasses? Then you could consider today which effective naturopathic measures would please your eyes. From today, for example, drink half a liter of carrot juice a day, preferably freshly squeezed (for a 4-week cure and see what happens to your eyes). You can find numerous other tips here: Treating poor eyesight – completely naturally

Liver Day

Bitter substances are an elixir of life for the liver. From now on, include more bitter substances in your diet every day, e.g., B. in the form of bitter salads (endive, chicory, radicchio, sugarloaf, etc.) or as a dietary supplement (bitter powder, dandelion root extract, dandelion powder, Bit trio herbal elixir alcohol-free, etc.)

Starting today, you could also take combination preparations made from special liver protection herbs as a cure to help your liver with its daily detoxification work and to prevent the development of fatty liver, e.g., B. the LeberVital complex from compelling nature, which consists of artichoke leaf extract, dandelion root extract, disodium leaf extract, milk thistle seed extract, and choline.

Six-pack day

The beetle exercise (also called crisscross) is one of the most effective exercises for the abdominal muscles. Bug exercise is called this exercise because you will look like a beetle lying on your back and flapping your legs! After your 5-minute workout, do a few Beetle runs if you’re in the mood for a six-pack instead of a flabby belly.

So you lie on your back, your legs are bent, and your feet are on the floor. Then raise your legs to form two right angles—one between the torso and thigh and the other between the thigh and lower leg.

Place your fingertips behind your ears or on your temples and keep your elbows wide apart. Now raise your torso and walk your right elbow to your left knee, then your left elbow to your right knee. Bring the respective knee towards the elbow and stretch the other leg almost straight out in front of you without putting it down naturally on the floor—the tip of the foot facts in the route of the shin (flex).

The exercise is performed calmly and under tension. Don’t forget to breathe! Complete about 20 reps, rest, and then do two more sets of 20 reps each.

The no-parking-near-day

Instead of looking for a parking space near the supermarket, intentionally park further away. So you get a little more exercise and at the same time a little more sunshine. Remember the positive effects of rain on your hair health. If it rains, nothing changes in this tip.

The Water Filter Day

If you used to drink tap water, buy a good water filter or reverse osmosis device today.

The Yoga Day

Health Tips: You already do a 5-minute exercise program, and a few Beetle runs every day. The park is entirely off the beaten track and regularly goes to Pilates training. Now you need a gentle type of sport to compensate. With yoga, for example, you can reduce your stress and improve your physical endurance. Of course, there are also a lot of videos with instructions on YouTube – whether for beginners or advanced users.

The bath day

Take a relaxing hot bath with alkaline bath salts today. Add lavender or encouraging herbs such as rosemary to the water. This will do wonders for your mind and muscles. It can also be an alkaline footbath if you don’t have time for a full alkaline bath. You can also use calming herbs such as B.

The massage day

Get a professional massage today! Preferably at least once a week from now on. Massage therapy is a beautiful way to reward yourself for accomplishments of one kind or another, and it’s also extremely healthy. Massages aren’t exactly cheap. Why not take a massage course with your partner? Then you can soon massage each other and, above all, professionally. And if you don’t have a partner at the moment or if he’s not very fond of massage, then there are also one or the other self-massage, e.g., B. the dry brush massage or the abdominal self-massage.

The sprouts day

Grow your sprouts! With a simple, inexpensive sprouting device or a few * sprouting jars, you can grow your sprouts and eat them after a day or two, depending on the variety. If you only eat about 30 grams of sprouts a day, this alone has a significant impact on preventing cancer and strengthening the immune system. You can also buy sprouts or seedlings fresh in the refrigerated section of your organic supermarket. For storage, however, they are also available in a gently dried form, e.g., B. * broccoli sprouts, * buckwheat sprouts, etc.

The Garden Day

If you have a garden, go into your garden today and look around. What is growing here? Weed? Very well. Which weed? Grounded, dandelion, chickweed, plantain, yarrow? Fine. You will harvest this weed in the future. You cut it into your salad or make green smoothies out of it. If weeds aren’t growing in your garden, plant some.

It’s even easier to dig up a piece of lawn and leave it fallow. Such as B. Sowthistle and reports that delicious and healthy wild plants will settle there. Don’t have a garden? No problem. In this case, plant your balcony boxes with edible wild plants. Here we explain how to create an ORGANIC garden.

Trampoline Day

A trampoline is very healing, especially for joint problems or a lack of mobility. Get a mini trampoline today and swing on it in your living room. This way, you can actively use the time you watch the news or your favorite series. As an advanced athlete, you can also train on the mini-trampoline. There are excellent videos online with advanced workouts.

The sleep day

Review your sleep habits today and aim to get about 7 hours of sleep each night – no more, no less. Most people are sleep-deprived, and the health consequences are enormous.

Also, always stay in rhythm. If you get up at 6.30 a.m. on weekdays, do the same on the weekend. You won’t believe how much more creative and healthy this will make your weekend.

You will then make sure to go to bed early. Even at the weekend, you will automatically waste less time in front of the television, you will drink less alcohol, and the best thing: you will be able to spend Sunday mornings with an active and creative activity instead of in bed and feeling far better and more constructive than with the usual crippling hangover.

If you have insomnia, you will find helpful information in the previous link. You can also make a delicious nightcap yourself with Ashwagandha.

The Farmer’s Market Day

Keep an eye out today for an organic farmer in your area where you can buy freshly harvested, healthy seasonal food of the best quality in the future.

The farewell day

Do you have a job you don’t like? Leave her! Scale down your lifestyle to get by on less money and pursue what you love to do. Being happy in a small house is better than being unhappy in a prominent place. Of course, you don’t leave your job immediately. Instead, make two plans today:

Plan A: Write down what needs to happen to feel more comfortable in your current position and consider how this could be implemented. Talk to colleagues and supervisors about it.

Plan B: Write down your alternatives if you were to leave your job. Plan out exactly how you would make ends meet and what steps you would take to land your dream job. Remember: the future belongs to the brave!

The Medicine Cabinet Day – Health Tips

Health Tips. Check out your medicine cabinet today and write down what medicines you take and how often. Think about which of these drugs are unnecessary. If you think your medications are essential, then look for natural and holistic ways to improve your health so that you can slowly but surely wean or taper off your medications. Discuss this point with the doctor who prescribed the drug. If he insists on taking the remedies, see a holistic doctor and ask for a second opinion.

Anti-TV Day

Turn off your TV! And above all, never turn it on again just because you’re bored. You are welcome to watch a show that interests you and is looking forward to. Make TV something unique and rare. Just don’t let it become an everyday occurrence.

Watching TV is an absolute waste of time, specifically a waste of a lifetime. Think about how much time you spend in front of the television.

Let’s say it’s three hours a day. That’s 21 hours a week and 84 hours a month. 84 hours! This is madness! Now think about what you could do during this time.

You could have fun with your kids. Make your partner happy and do something together with him. Invest this time in your health (you’ve got plenty of tips for that now). You could tackle an education or further training and thus give your life and career new impetus – which brings us to the 30th day.

Distance Learning Day

There are many courses at distance learning colleges. Take a look and see what would be fun for you. Distance learning courses are available in almost every field.

If you are interested in health, nutrition, and naturopathy, why not visit the Academy of Naturopathy today and learn about distance learning to become a Holistic Health Consultant. Here, you can look online at distance training to become a nutritionist. You can also read the feedback from former and current participants and find out how they experienced distance learning and how much fun they are having with their new job.


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