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Workout Plan: The Best Workout Plan For Natural Lifters Pdf

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Muscle strengthening is the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf and stimulating muscle hypertrophy through training with loads. The desired goal can be purely aesthetic (cosmetic) or functional, such as rehabilitation or muscle strengthening. The majority of the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf people who practice weight training to build muscle or lose fat. In both cases, a training program specific to your objective is necessary to progress at the right place, avoid injury, and bring together all the success factors to benefit each session for the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf. Did I do enough reps? Did I put on enough weight? Why does it work on him and not on me? How does she get such abs?

Learn how to choose the ideal bodybuilding program to achieve your mass gain or muscle definition goals more effectively.

What Objectives of the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters Pdf?

In general, we go one way or the other: we want to gain mass or lose fat for the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf.

Mass Gain

Workout Plan_ The Best Workout Plan For Natural Lifters Pdf

The mass gain phase is a sensitive time when sufficient calories must be supplied to the body to maintain a positive calorie balance to minimize muscle catabolism and promote hypertrophy. This caloric load is necessary because the amount of energy in training is also necessary!

The Dryer

Burning fat is the opposite process of mass gain since it is necessary to stimulate the mobilization of stored fat to use it as fuel. Lipolysis can only occur when the daily caloric balance is negative: we expend more energy than the diet brings us. During a cut, training with heavy loads becomes less and less possible, the lack of carbohydrates no longer allowing explosive efforts. To the best workout plan for natural lifters, pdf stimulates hypertrophy by recruiting maximum motor units without lifting too heavy a load; more extended series and intensification techniques come into play to provide complete variety.

Muscle Building

Muscle building is more or less just mass gain. During this period, you try to develop the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf as much as possible, but without entering the radical system of heavy loads and hypercaloric diets. This is the most effective progression system when you have already reached a certain level, the most commonly adopted by bodybuilding competitors. The loads alternate between heavy and light, and intensification techniques are very present.

Donload Workout Plan click on PDF

The Number of Exercises

Weigh training session of the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf

For optimal muscle development, four exercises are recommended for large muscle groups and 3 for small ones.

We mean the large muscle groups of the pectorals, back, shoulders, and thighs.

Small Groups: Biceps and Triceps.

Small Groups: Biceps and Triceps.Series of the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf

A maximum of 16 sets per muscle group is what we recommend to get the most benefit from each of your bodybuilding sessions. Accumulating series to clear your conscience can only be counterproductive for several reasons.

After about 50 minutes of training, testosterone levels drop dramatically, in proportion to cortisol secretion reaching too high levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone, essential for survival but harmful for people who wish to transform their physique and achieve sports performance. When this hormone is secreted, the organism mobilizes its resources to supply glucose and amino acids to the organs.

Number of Sets in the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters Pdf

Since that is exactly what it is, muscle catabolism is the complete opposite of anabolism! Therefore, to build muscle and burn fat, ensure your weight training sessions do not exceed 90 minutes, including warm-up and stretching.

The Name of Reps

Rehearsals In the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf

The ideal rep range to promote muscle development through hypertrophy should be between 6 and 15 reps: relatively heavy and relatively light. “Relatively” is not a question of recruiting strength or endurance capacities only.

Muscle construction must recruit both types of hypertrophy: myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic. The first corresponds to a reinforcement of the myofibrils present in the muscle cells, which are drafted in the efforts of force, with instead a short series (6 to 10).

The second is the result of swelling of the sarcoplasm caused by a greater concentration of substrates (creatine phosphate, water, ATP) following efforts that recruit strength and endurance capacities: sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. Gaining muscle mass requires alternating between sets of 6 to 10 and packs of 10 to 15 repetitions: in the same session, alternating from one session to another (for the same muscle group), or from a program drive to another.

Rest Times

The rest times between sets are determined by the number of repetitions performed per set and the chosen load.

If you’re doing 6-10 rep increments, take up to 2 minutes of rest between each set to recover enough to repeat the same effort. This succession of instead a heavy series involves significant mechanical stress, which stimulates myofibrillar hypertrophy.

Rest Times of the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters Pdf

If you’re working in a 10-15 rep increment, take up to 1 minute of rest between your sets. Longer reps stimulate sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, and shorter and incomplete rest times enhance their efficiency by subjecting muscle fibers to more significant metabolic stress. As a result, the substrates concentrate in the sarcoplasm, causing the muscle cell to swell.

The Number Of Weekly Sessions of the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters Pdf

The number of sessions per week depends on the training you have chosen to follow.

In Mass Gain

How many weight training sessions per week

mass gain

If you are in pure mass gain and bet on heavy sessions. Do not go beyond 4 sessions per week, placing a day of rest between sessions. This day of rest is fundamental since it is precise during the recovery period. That muscle fibers can cause hypertrophy, especially when following a training program based on rather heavy loads. If you do a series of sessions, you risk injuring yourself and above all, not recovering enough to progress. Your loads will drop, you will lose muscle mass, and you will have difficulty eating well. Overtraining is an abstract concept, and it is difficult to spot the symptoms of the best workout plan for natural lifters pdf. Placing a day of rest between sessions will keep you away from this danger zone where any progress becomes impossible.

For Muscle Building

Building muscle involves a mix of low and high reps, often combined with intensification techniques. In this case, you can schedule 4 to 5 strength training sessions per week. Taking a rest day every two sessions. This cycle allows you to recover optimally while avoiding the monotony of a program where such a day corresponds to such a muscle. Furthermore, by alternating two days of training and one day of rest, you will notice that your training sessions for a specific muscle group never fall on the same day of the week, which is ideal to avoid monotony.

The Number of Weekly Sessions to Facilitate Weight Loss

Considering that a program for muscle definition includes a certain amount of cardio. It is obvious that the training frequency will be higher than during a program for mass gain. The best workout plan for natural lifters pdf to optimize fat burning while maintaining your muscle capital. Bet on planning for 3 consecutive days, followed by a rest day . Each session must contain at least 45 minutes of weight training and 30 minutes of cardio , to be placed after the weight training.

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