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Dark Spot Write for usWhen it emanates to dark spot treatments, there are so many skin care options that it can be hard to know where to start. What ingredients should you look for? And most importantly, which ones will permanently remove dark spots? To answer these questions, SELF talked to several dermatologists to find out how they treat dark spots on the face.

The first thing that can prevent you from having a “I don’t need makeup” complexion is uneven skin tone. So if your ultimate goal is to get a no-makeup look, these skincare products and tips can help. Below, we look at what causes dark spots in the first place, along with nine different dermatologist-recommended dark spot treatment.

What causes dark spots?

However “Dark spots or hyperpigmentation are caused by overproduction of melanin in the skin. By melanocytes,” plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, MD, tells SELF. Cette mélanine supplémentaire peut être déclenchée par beaucoup de choses différentes, dit-elle : « Les hormones – à la fois les œestrogènes et la progesterone – peuvent augmenter le level de melamine – pourquoi les femmes enceintes violent des taches brunes qui s’éclaircissent souvent après the birth ; the sun can increase the level of melanin – why we have more dark spots after the summer; and age can increase the size of melanocytes, which is why we see brown spots in older patients.

Other factors, such as skin irritation from acne, waxing, and harsh exfoliants, can also cause dark spots. Now that you know anywhere dark spots come from, read on to find out how to get rid of them.

What is Vitamin C?

Think beyond orange juice: Vitamin C can be used as a topical antioxidant that helps prevent free radicals from causing oxidative damage to the skin (which can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness, among others). “It also inhibits the enzymatic processes that produce melanin in the skin, so it can help reduce dark skin discoloration,” Sumayah Jamal, MD, of the Schweiger Dermatology Group, tells SELF.

Another added benefits is that vitamin C only lightens problem areas of pigmentation, not the rest of the skin, says Fran E. Cook-Bolden, MD, dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and director of Skin Specialty Dermatology.

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