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Why is Online Running Different from Regular Running?

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Were you wondering about the same question? Well, we have the right set of answers for you. For those of you new to this, Online running is when you run on your treadmill, all the while connected to the internet and your social media accounts. It is made possible through a Virtual Reality app like Vingo, which also provides an outdoor experience through 3D maps and sceneries. The real differences are many but the benefits of running remain regardless of the mode that you choose.

Regular Running Requires a Specific Time

Running, per se, is an amazing way to stay fit. It is a good cardio exercise and you can tone all your muscles evenly too. But these days it is increasingly hard to run outdoors. The roads are filled with a lot of traffic and we don’t have to talk about the pollution and smoke outdoors. These conditions make running confined to a specific part of your day, most preferably, early mornings.

These were some of the reasons that gave way to Indoor running. Treadmills can be used at any time of the day and you can have your own private little time on the machine too.

Hard to Find Partners for Outdoor Running

There’s one other problem with outdoor running. Finding the right partners to run with. Sure, you can run alone if you are an introvert. But most of us need a good company to push us forward, & to encourage us.

What if there is a way to combat all these problems? The answer is Vingo, the latest and the best Online running app. The app uses internet connectivity to take you online and connect with people while you exercise. Also, it can be used anytime as long as you are ready to go.

Run Indoors with Ease

You can pair the Vingo app with your treadmill and go on a run anytime you want and best of all, you get to explore the whole world through its detailed maps. These maps are designed from the real famous spots from around the world. so, using Vingo will be like going on a trip to your favourite location every day.

Find New Friends & partners to Embark on the Journey

You can also invite your friends and family to join you on your run too. You can create your own account on the app and invite up to eight people into it. no matter where your friends might be in the world, they can always join you on the app and you can all have a great run together. Or, you can make new friends in the app too. Use the voice chat feature to talk to new people and befriend them on the app.

Explore Unknown Places & Enjoy Your Running

You can also spice up your running trips by exploring new spots every day. This way you will never get bored of your exercise. Vingo can be used as a biking app too. Switch your treadmill with your training bike and it works just as fine.

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