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Health write for usHealth: The word health comes from the Latin salus-utis, and that in ancient times meant being able to overcome a difficulty . It is defined as the state that an organism presents when exercising and normally developing all its functions. Health is considered the ideal state of the individual , by virtue of feeling the absence of illness or injury, leading a normal life. For life to have meaning, you must have and enjoy good health, in other words, if we have poor health, our time of existence in this world becomes shorter and shorter.

According to different theories, health should stop being seen as an abstract state or element and begin to accept it as a means to achieve a certain goal, in this case it would be to achieve mental , social and physical well-being, so that a better life can be obtained. full individual life. At this point, the definition of health is understood as one of the resources of daily life and not as a goal of life. Here, the resources that are in the hands of people are considerably accentuated, from social and personal to physical aptitudes and skills.

If viewed subjectively, a person can feel healthy according to the state they are in and the principles or human body education they have received. Now, from an objective point of view, a subject feels that he is in perfect health when they notice the absence of diseases or any element that can make him feel bad both physically and mentally. The definition of this word is an antonym of the disease and is the main object of study of medical sciences. The concept of health is also based on the micro or macro state of a living being.

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