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A Comprehensive Look at Maelys B Tight Customer Reviews

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Maelys B Tight Reviews: It is a skin tightening cream known as “Lift and Firm Booty Mask.” The cream, made by the brand Maelys cosmetics, is used to reduce the presence of cellulite and improve skin superiority on the glutes and thighs.

As we know that many of the products in the market ensure skin care. Can cream reduce the cellulite of your skin is the question? maelys b tight reviews can improve skin quality or contain harmful ingredients people satisfy after using it.

This article discusses how maelys b tight reviews affects the skin after applying it. What are the side effects on the skin? Can we use it on the stomach’s stretch marks, as mentioned in the article Maelys B-Tight reviews Reddit?

Maelys B-Tight Before and After

Maelys B-Tight Before and After

The reviews shared by the customers before and after using the cream.

Before the effect. After the effect.
Many women face cellulite, a harmless skin condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the buttocks, thighs, hips, and abdomen. Most women try variable types to improve the appearance of the skin through exercise, massage, weight loss, and creams on the skin. Treatment is proven medically, but results aren’t immediate or long-lasting.


Some people do not undoubtedly prove B-tight cream effects; it results well, but clinically is not proven. Maelys b tight reviews resulted from the skin getting tightened after a month; they started having considerable skin tightening/firmness after using 2x per day for 3 weeks in areas with moderate cellulite. Areas, where I have more cellulite are slower to be tightened. So, they reordered and will see what happens after using it for two months.


 Maelys B Tight Side Effects

Maelys B-Tight Side Effects

All the products of Maelys cosmetics we have reviewed followed a similar trend on Illuminate Health. Many additive ingredients with an effective formulation that we consider to be doubtful from a health perspective. It contains a fragrance that is not suitable for women’s skin. A medical journal in 2016 found that fragrance has product risks to human health after the study writer reviewed some of the chemical compounds frequently used to make fragrances. The cream contains Blue 1 Lake and Red 40, two artificial dyes. Although, as discussed in the article, artificial dyes may have toxic health effects on humans, it seems they give side effects to the skin, avoid them.

Maelys B Tight reviews burning

Maelys B-Tight reviews burning

This cream states that you will feel “a little” heat. It’s a lie. Your area is going to be warmer than the fire of hell. You apply it on, think everything is okay, then rapidly feel the heat and reason, ” This is the heat they spoke of. Within 60 seconds, it’s so hot you would have thought someone poured BOILING hot wax on your cheeks. You begin to panic, and it gets even hotter, which you didn’t think was possible.

Maelys B Tight reviews Reddit

Maelys B-Tight reviews Reddit

Maelys b tight reviews as talked about the people on Reddit: Most people aproblere 50% satisfied with the cream; they use the butt one, which is thick or something, and the stomach one, flat, but say the one for the arms is not good and didn’t work. The cream burns after applying it on the skin, so they feared using it.

Can You Use Maelys B Tight On Your Stomach?

Can You Use Maelys B-Tight On Your Stomach

B-tight contains a more number of ingredients which is helpful for stomach cellulite; some of them are practical and safe, but most are questionable.

The beneficial ingredients are:

Glycerin is the moisturizing agent that pulls water into the skin’s outer layer from the deeper levels and the air. Glycerin is mainly used in skin care products to trap the moisture it draws into the skin.

Caffeine is nothing but coffee beans; It is an excellent ingredient for a cellulite cream. It prevents excessive fat accumulation in cells proven by a medical study published in the Skin Pharmacology & Physiology journal and effects on your body’s metabolism.

Sodium hyaluronate is hydrophilic, meaning it easily mixes with water. This compound has been described in a 2018 medical review as “skin-rejuvenating biomedicine. When applied topically, it attracts moisture in skin cells. As a result, it reduces dryness and flaking by increasing skin hydration. Dry skin makes fine lines and creases more noticeable. But as sodium hyaluronate hydrates the skin, it improves the appearance of wrinkles.

B-Tight contains several active ingredients. We believe the cream will reduce the appearance of cellulite in the stomach, but whether or not we recommend it overall in the article.


As we know that many of the products in the market ensure skin care. Can cream reduce the cellulite of your skin is the question? maelys b tight reviews can improve skin quality or contain harmful ingredients people satisfy after using it. Thus we cannot recommend the product overall.

Ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and glycerin make this product likely to reduce cellulite and improve skin quality. However, the formulation also contains fragrance and artificial dye that we recommend avoiding.

Several reviewers note that the product causes a burning sensation due to one ingredient.

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