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Wellness Write For UsWellness: It is defined as a holistic health condition and the process of achieving this condition. It refers to physical, emotional, social and cognitive health. Well-being includes what is good for a person: having a meaningful social role, feeling happy and hopeful, living according to good values ​​as defined locally, having positive social relationships and a supportive environment, coping with challenges with positive skills for life and have security, protection and access to quality services. Important aspects of well-being include: biological, material, social, spiritual, cultural, emotional and mental.

Why is wellness important?

Including those at our Center, continue to investigate the factors that shape well-being. Instead of proposing a static, scientific definition of wellness, we are constantly uncovering clues and evidence about how wellness manifests in the mind and body. Wellness is not a static “thing,” but rather a set of skills that can be learned and cultivated over time, much like the process of learning to play a musical instrument or ride a bike.

AWARENESS: A heightened and flexible attention  to your environment and internal signals, such as bodily sensations, thoughts and feelings. Awareness training during meditation practices can increase what is called “meta-awareness” or, in other words, the ability to be aware of what is going on in your mind.

Get into the habit of identifying positives in other people. This is done by practicing a sitting meditation where you remember a close friend or family member and identify the qualities you admire or appreciate about them. Recall situations in which they manifested those qualities, and then imagine yourself expressing your gratitude to them. You can then extend with this to people you don’t know very well, and eventually even people you have a hard time with. Finally, apply this skill in daily life, identify the positives in the people you interact with, and express your gratitude.

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