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How the Pomegranate can stop the Elderly Look

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The pomegranate is a symbol of beauty and eternal life for a reason. A human study has shown why this excellent fruit can cheat old age for the first time.

Pomegranate – An Ancient Remedy

The pomegranate originally comes from India and Iran. It is one of the first fruits ever to be cultivated. When the pomegranate came to Europe, people were immediately fascinated by its perfect shape and unique aroma. It quickly found its way into the kitchen and mythology.

But the pomegranate is also an ancient remedy that has been a symbol of beauty and eternal life for thousands of years. In Indian Ayurveda medicine, the pomegranate is a component of numerous recipes. It is widely used due to its anti-inflammatory effects, such as diarrhoea, ulcers, gum problems, and high blood pressure. You can read more about the blood pressure-lowering effect of pomegranate here: Pomegranate juice lowers blood pressure 

Why is the Pomegranate so Healthy?

The pomegranate is no wonder of nature in terms of vitamin and mineral content. The fruit is extremely rich in secondary plant substances. These include the ellagitannins, which are in exceptionally high concentrations in the edible seeds.

Various studies ( 3 ) have shown that ellagitannins act against inflammation and free radicals, protect against dementia and serve to prevent infectious diseases, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. The research findings often coincide with the applications of the pomegranate in traditional medicine.

Pomegranates stop the Aged Looking

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Swiss researchers publish a groundbreaking study in 2019 ( 1 ). Because they were able to prove for the first time in humans that the pomegranate counteracts aging processes. The substance urolithin A. responsible for this is the substance urolithin A. this is not in the pomegranate itself and no other food because the intestinal bacteria form urolithin A from ellagitannins.

Study ( 2 ) involve 60 elderly subjects divide into four groups. They receive either 250, 500, or 1,000 milligrams of urolithin A or a placebo daily for 28 days. Side effects did not occur. The scientists then found that urolithin A stimulates the growth of mitochondria.

Mitochondria are tiny organelles within the body cells that provide us with life energy. They become less and less active as they get older, which leads to an age-typical lack of energy and weakness. But urolithin A can reactivate the mitochondria. This can, for example, improve age-relate muscle weakness.

A Glass of Pomegranate Juice a Day Works Wonders

Feverish efforts are now being made to bring a preparation with the active ingredient urolithin A onto the market. Of course, you could also eat the pomegranates regularly or drink its juice. After all, the excellent fruit provides the body with ellagitannins and thus the starting substance for urolithin A.

Many studies ( 4 ) have already shown that the pomegranates and the juices and extracts have significant medical potential and an anti-aging effect. Therefore, it is by no means necessary to resort to a single active ingredient.

The pomegranate offers a decisive advantage compare to preparation with urolithin A. Because here, there is an interaction of different ingredients that complement each other and reinforce each other in their effect ( 4 ).

According to the studies present in the article above, if you drink a large glass (330 ml) of pomegranate juice daily – ideally divide into two servings – pomegranate is perfect for high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and sarcoidosis.


The pomegranate is no wonder of nature in terms of vitamin and mineral content. Regularly or drink its juice. After all, the excellent fruit provides the body with ellagitannins and thus the starting substance. We hope you find this article very helpful and informative. If you like please do comment and share. Thanking you from top health fitness tips.

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