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Pain-free Through Better Sleep? Expert Gives Tips

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Do you wake up exhausted and tense in the morning? The tips from pain specialist Roland Laubscher-Bracht can help you, and the pain will disappear as if you were sleep.


  1. Lie on your back
  2. Skip a pillow
  3. Use a hard mattress
  4. maintain sleeping position
  5. Healthy Dinner

Nothing is more excellent than waking up relaxed in the morning. Unfortunately, this is only granted to a few. A hard night’s sleep often leads to aches and pains in the morning. Even when you get up, your neck is tense, your back stiff, and your limbs are aching. After a stormy night’s sleep, you feel exhausted for the whole day and are probably less efficient.

To help you break out of this vicious circle, pain specialist Roland Laubscher-Bracht gives five simple tips for the perfect sleep routine. Because you can already prevent pain while sleeping and then start the day healthy. World Sleep Day is the best time to address sleep difficulties and make changes in sleep patterns.

1. Lie on Your Back

Sitting is the only posture of the day for most people. The legs are bent, and the upper body is bent forward. So many of us spend almost the entire day sitting down, and it’s nearly impossible to escape from it: in the office, on the couch, in the car, when eating and even when sleeping, many adopt this posture. This causes the muscles in the front of the body to become increasingly inflexible. In addition, counter-tension builds up in the back muscles. Back pain, hollow back, hunchback etc., can be the result.

Therefore, it is advisable not to adopt the same posture when sleeping as when you are sitting. Instead of bending your knees, try lying straight and stretched out on your back. As a result, the entire spine is straight, and we allow our muscles and fascia to relieve tension.

2. Forego a Pillow

Ah, that’s heavenly! Large, soft pillows feel so comfortable and supposedly support your head. Out of the dream because this causes the cervical spine to buckle. As in the sitting position, muscular and fascial tension develops. These can affect other sections of your back and cause pain. That’s why you should even omit the pillow altogether.

Without a pillow, you automatically tuck your chin in, lower your cervical spine, bring your lumbar spine straight to rest, and straighten your entire posture. If you can’t imagine sleeping without a pillow, get used to it slowly. At first, try only to use a flat pad as flat as possible. After a few weeks, you’ll get used to it and can even skip it altogether. Your body will adjust quickly and reward you with a pain-free back.

3. Use a Hard Mattress

The mattress is similar to the heavenly soft pillows. Sleeping in a soft bed sounds fantastic, no question about it. There is one big difference: A solid surface is much more natural and healthier for your body. A hard mattress supports the sleeping position on the back. Your spine is supported correctly, and muscular-fascial tension can ease.

At first, you may feel exhausted and have sore muscles. But that’s a good sign because the tension in your muscles and fascia is beginning to ease. Soon, you will sleep better than before to start the day pain-free and fit in the morning.

4. Maintain sleeping position

To start the day pain-free, you must spend a large part of the night lying on your back. Of course, we move back and forth while we sleep. However, it would be best if you tried not to return to the side position.

To maintain your position, you can use pillows as a barrier. Place them to the left and right of your head. If you wake up from hitting the pillows and turning sideways, you can go back to lying on your back. If you ever desire to lie differently, hang onto your stomach instead.

5. Healthy Dinner

Did you know that what you eat at night can affect the quality of your sleep? Before going to bed you should avoid greasy food and heavy meals. Fatty and high-calorie food as well as alcohol and caffeine-containing drinks put a strain on the body during digestion. This can disturb your night’s sleep.

It is best to consume the most important nutrients during the day. So finish your dinner as early as possible and have a calming tea with lavender or lemon balm before bed. This allows your body to produce enough of the sleep hormone melatonin. This will help you sleep well and wake up fresh and refreshed the next morning. Top of Form

Laubscher & Bracht pain therapy was developed by Roland Laubscher-Bracht and Dr. medical Petra Bracht founded. Together, in over 30 years of research, they have found that most pain is caused by excessive tension in the muscles and fascia. In this case, the pain warns of damage resulting from extreme pressure.

The specially developed paint therapy offers doctors and therapists additional sustainable training and accompanies patients step by step in taking personal responsibility. With special exercises, you can take care of your health yourself every day.

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