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Top 7 – Tips for a Healthy and Fitness Life

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Top Health Fitness Tips

Healthy and fitness life have been immersed in the fitness world for years. Want to learn about bodybuilding, training, fitness, and health from reputable sources and experimented with our bodies for thousands of hours in the gym.

From learning from the best athletes and coaches globally and applying their techniques in the gym, reading hundreds of publications about health and nutrition, to listening to hundreds and hundreds of hours of conferences and interviews on these topics.

After more than half a decade of learning, these are my seven most straightforward tips for a good fitness life. I don’t have favourite information because they’re all essential, so Healthy and Fitness seven might be the main one to start from there.

Get Enough Rest

It would help if you had good recovery time from one workout to the next; you also need to sleep at least 7 hours a day.  Also, recovery should include the time between routines and actively using tools like massage and relaxation so that your body and nervous system are always ready. If you don’t get enough sleep and have the opportunity, naps are the best.

Eat Healthily and Eat Enough

This means: eating good protein sources, unprocessed carbohydrates, and good fat (avocado, olive oil, etc.). People confuse fitness life and eating healthy with eating little; it’s a mistake. Eat until you are satisfied without exaggeration.

On the other hand, get your body use to intermittent fasting;  from time to time, he only drinks water in the morning and eats for the first time at lunchtime. Intermittent fasting has multiple benefits; one of them will get you used to have adequate energy levels without the need to eat constantly.

Train with Weights or with Some Resistance

Training with weights is essential to have a good muscle mass and strength. It doesn’t necessarily have to be strength training at the gym; find the discipline you like. However, it has to be a workout where you use resistance to encourage your body to get stronger and gain muscle.

On the subject of cardio: being active and walking regularly is enough. You don’t need to spend hours and hours jogging. The health cost-benefit of doing this is not exactly the best. My recommendation is to do strength training at the gym and save cardio for fun activities outside the gym.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated has a myriad of positive effects. This refers to drinking plain water, no soft drinks or juices. If you like fruits, it is much better to eat them whole instead of making juices that are often convert into sugar (glucose) bombs for the body.

It can be solved by staying hydrate and headaches can be the minor problems.

Every person is not same so it is difficult to recommend a daily intake of water, so we should drink water when we are thirsty. Also, drinking water regularly prevents you from overeating.

Do not Eat Processed Sugar

Use a natural sweetener like stevia. This is too important—no more sweetening drinks, coffee or tea, with sugar.  On the other hand, for those who have a sweet tooth and love desserts, should not be eaten alone but with a stomach full of healthy food. This prevents them from becoming extreme sugar (glucose) pumps for the body.

Processed sugar is one of the most significant poisons that are ingested regularly. It is directly related to many diseases and adverse effects (cancer, osteoporosis, etc.). It would be best to cut it out of your nutrition plan altogether, but if you can’t do that, at least cut back considerably on the number of processed desserts and sweets you eat.

Lead a Healthy Life for the Mind

They are reading good books, watching quality movies, having healthy habits, consuming good images, having good conversations, and leading an intellectual life to have hugely positive implications for the health of the body. People sometimes forget about this because it separates the academic side from the physical. It’s a mistake.

We usually perceive the mind and body as two separate things. It is something like feeling that our body is a vehicle and that we live inside it, but this idea is not correct. Body and mind are one.

A genuinely healthy fitness life must include mechanisms for mental health, not just focus on nutrition and training.

Be aware and Decide to Put Your Health as a Priority

The good thing about being aware of this is that you tend to make fewer mistakes by having a clear and explicit goal of being healthy.

If being healthy is always important, in general, you are going to eat better; you are going to rest more, you are going to consume quality content on the Internet, you are going to surround yourself with people who have good habits, and your quality of life improves exponentially in many aspects.

Bonus Tip on Ratio

In general, the 80 – 20 ratio of quality content and pure entertainment is usually a good guide for most people. For example, watching 80% good movies and 20% funny, absurd movies, and thus apply the same concept to almost everything: YouTube videos, conversations with friends where it is good to talk about deep topics but where pure fun is also essential, etc.

In the same way, it’s not a bad idea to eat the vast majority of the time very healthily, at least 80% of the time, but occasionally eat something delicious and not so healthy. It can help you stay relaxed about your plan, especially if, due to your social or family life, there are times when you can share a delicious dessert or homemade food or go out to a restaurant.

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