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Everything Happens For A Reason Tattoo

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Everything Happens For A Reason Tattoo

Everything Happens For A Reason Tattoo

A everything happens for a reason tattoo is one of the things that can define you as a person and as a way of life, if you want to discover the best and most outstanding tattoo models, with the coolest peculiarities, do not miss our website, you will love them .

The Vikings were one of the bravest and most impressive civilizations in all of history, they have inspired countless plots and scripts for movies, series, books and many successful productions, discover the best Viking tattoos.

Family is one of the most beautiful things that life gives us, we have all grown up and lived next to those people who have accompanied us in many of our important events, discover the best family tattoos.

The elephant, one of the coolest animals of all fauna, if you want to discover the best models of elephant tattoos with the most outstanding characteristics you can imagine, then you cannot miss each and every one of the models that we have prepared in our Web page.

Some coordinates is the best way to identify yourself with a number that unites you with that special person, if you want to have an everything happens for a reason tattoo with those coordinates that unite you with that unique person, then you can not miss each and every one of what we offer you.

An owl is one of the most curious and significant animals of the fauna, due to its famous nightlife, if you feel identified with the owl’s lifestyle or that animal reminds you of someone unique, an owl tattoo is the best way to prove it.

Everything Happens For A Reason Tattoo Symbol

The compass rose, one of the most used and requested tattoos in each and every one of the tattoo shops, if you also want to discover the best tattoos and the ones that are most in trend, then you cannot miss the models on our page.

You are one of those who always and at all times seeks to wear everything mainstream, don’t worry, we have your tattoo, the most trendy and tribal models, so you can find that tattoo that makes you the true king of the party, you are going to hit wherever you go because everything happens for a reason tattoo.

The everything happens for a reason tattoo is one of the best ways to try a certain form and lifestyle, if you want to have the best hand tattoos that exist with the most pointed peculiarities, then you can not miss the entire compilation of hand tattoos what we have.

The best tattoos on the market with the best care on the market, we have them all on our website, discover here the best and most outstanding tattoo models with the most outstanding peculiarities you can imagine.

Getting something tattoo in the form of a bracelet is the best way to always wear something noticeable, all the tattoos you can imagine with the most outstanding characteristics and shapes that you can imagine, on our website, you will love them.

If you want to have the coolest and most complete tattoos on the market on your body, then don’t miss out on the selection we offer you, the best tattoos with the coolest peculiarities you can imagine, you’re sure to love them.

Tattoo styles

To get on solid ground we have spoken with a fantastic tattoo artist, creator of impressive designs full of beauty. Pedro M. Martín ( vene430 ), illustrator, tattoo artist and professor of Tattoo Techniques at ESDIP , answers the question about what, in his opinion, are the most popular tattoo styles today. “Styles depend on the country, the place, the age range… 16-year-olds don’t ask you the same thing as 25-year-olds or 40-year-olds. But there is a standard. The tattooists who have the most work are those who do realism. And it is that for a person who does not have much to do with tattoos or drawing, it is much more impressive to see a realistic work than to see an illustration. When you pin a photo, they say, ‘That’s amazing, that’s great.’”

However, not everything is realistic in today’s tattoo world. Pedro confirms that the demand also goes by seasons. For example, last year the theme of watercolor was very popular. This year too, but at the same time blackwork is sticking a lot, more linear and slightly simpler tattoos . Tiny or Chiquitta’s tattoos are also requested a lot: letters, names, dates, coordinates… but what I would say is realism”.

The tattoo styles that “stick” the most today

Blackwork: only with black ink

The blackwork style, as its name suggests (work in black), uses only this ink to create lines, shadows and effects . The technique emerged about five years ago, and has evolved to achieve very pure and clipped effects. Artists can make purely linear works or add shading with dots, hatches…


Among the most popular tattoo styles, one that has been at the forefront for decades is the American traditional tattoo. It also known as Old-style , Trad and Old School (old school). They are tattoos delimited with pure, solid and simple black lines . The lines are usually thick and are almost always colored with four or five basic tones. The themes are known to all: pin ups , sailors, flowers, animals…

Neotraditional (Neo trad or New School)


Inspired by traditional tattooing, this style goes one step further by increasing the complexity. Pedro tells us:   “I dedicate myself to “neo trad”, a style that plays a lot with flowers, background ornaments and others. There is no fixed theme: no animals, no flowers, no portrait… It is very varied. In each style you find a thousand things . For example, this week I have an Egyptian Anubis, next week I have a neo-traditional fox, the next week I have the face of a geisha… Everything”. The neo trad combines thick and thin strokes; the colors remain basic, but are apply throughout the work and create shadows, gradients and textures.

Dot work (pointillist)

As its name suggests, the dot work technique uses tiny dots to create the shapes. Sometimes the points are mixed with lines to increase the interest of the work . Shadows and color masses are created by a higher or lower density of dots.

Black & Gray

Within the styles of tattoos that are currently in demand, black and gray (black and gray) is a kind of combination of blackwork and watercolor. The artist works only with black ink, and dilutes it with more or less water to obtain different shades of gray and create depth, shading…


The effect of these tattoos is similar to that of watercolors on paper. The colors are blur to create light and shadow, achieving very attractive works . The effect is achieved by superimposing colored glazes in different concentrations (more or less opaque).

Traditional Japanese and Neo Japanese

Traditional Japanese and Neo Japanese

Japanese culture has had a powerful influence on the world of tattooing for decades. The Traditional Japanese style (irezumi) reflects images of masks, samurai, geisha, red fish, devils, dragons… With a profusion of colors and a lot of realism. The Japanese Neo is a mixture of Neo Trad and Irezumi, with detailed and very sophisticated designs. If you like this style, don’t miss this magnificent guide on the website about the Japanese tattoo and its variants.


These tattoos are focus on exactly reflecting an image, photograph, In them, the skill and skill of the tattoo artist are especially important : for example, if the tattoo is a portrait, the resemblance is essential. These tattoos can reproduce real images, but also surreal or fantastic concepts.


They reproduce decorative designs such as mandalas, compass roses, borders… The ornamental tattoo is a variation/evolution of the geometric one . Many of them, such as Mehndi, are inspire by traditional henna tattoos from cultures such as the Arab and Hindu.


This style caused a real furor in the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s . Tribal tattoos are inspired by ritual symbols that are tattoos or paint by members of some ethnic groups. Sometimes they have meanings, but in many cases they are simply aesthetic.


More than a tattoo style, gothic is a trend. It covers clothing, makeup, cinema, music… We could say that it is a whole culture. Gothic tattoos reflect themes inspired by classic horror movies: skulls, sinister castles, bloody roses, etc. They use a lot of black ink, minute detail, and powerful colors, like red.

Brush or avantgarde

It is one of the most interesting and difficult tattoo styles to perform. The name brush means brush or brush in English, while avant-garde is the French term for “avant-garde”. They are abstract tattoos, created by the artist himself and sometimes directly on the skin, without a previous design . They reproduce brushstrokes (hence their name), color stains and strokes, creating very interesting abstract works. In Spain they are not yet very common, although in other countries such as Holland, Germany or England they are all the rage.

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