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How To Choose Cost-Friendly And Quality Bongs That Are Suitable For Smoking?

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Do you love a smooth smoking experience? Then smoking using bongs is the right choice for you. The market for cannabis products is so saturated with different types of smoke pipes and add-ons that it can be challenging and even time-consuming to determine which components of a bong are essential and which are merely desirable to have.

Every person will have a unique opinion regarding the size of the bong necessary to accommodate their routine. On the other hand, it’s also possible that you’re more of a homebody, so an enormous bong might be ideal for you. Many cheap bongs with excellent quality are available in the market that can suit everyone’s needs, like heart bongs, short bose bongs, etc.

Most of the bong dealers provide you with excellent smoke pipes of high quality. You can even have free shipping of the smoke pipes along with a free and easy return policy. Accessories are also available for various smoke pipes, so you need not worry about replacing them. Here are the tips for choosing cost-effective and quality bongs available in the market.

Bong Size

The size of the bong is essential, depending on your lifestyle. Some pipes are suitable for portability, others are for daily use, while mini bongs are small in size and ideal while traveling. They are very light in weight and suitable for a discreet smoking experience.

Medium-sized bongs provide a more significant advantage for those who smoke more frequently. The size of the bongs ranges between 10-15″. The large bongs are perfect for home usage and allow optimal airflow with high smoke infiltration. It reduces throat and lung irritation.

Bong Material

Most smoke pipes are glass, acrylics, ceramics, and silicone. These bongs are cheap and readily available in the market, depending upon the type of material you choose. Glass and silicate pipes provide the cleanest and pure tasting hits. Most of the glass pipes are made up of borosilicate glass.

Acrylic pipes are available in different colors and designs. They are indestructible, and you will have a high-quality smoking experience.


The selection of bongs with add-ons gives you a better smoking experience with more highness. Some pipes come with multi-water chambers, down stems, percolators, and splash guards. The design is made so that the quality of the smoke will not be affected by the add-ons.

The multi-water chamber filters the smoke from any harmful substance reaching the lungs. The down stem helps you provide cool smoke before the vapor gets inhaled. Most of the quality and cheap bongs have these add-on facilities that give you a more quality smoking experience.

Bong Bowl Size

Are you not getting enough hits while smoking? Are you looking for one hit which gives you high? It would be best if you go for different bowl sizes. The smoke and hits differ based on the size of the bowl you use. A small bowl is suitable if you are looking for regular smoke or late-night toke.

A large bowl is more suitable if you look for more significant hits with instant highs. If you are likely to share smoking with your friends or family, a party bowl can give you an excellent smoking experience. Party bowl will provide satisfaction to all the members who look for more pleasure.

Bottom Line

Smoking is not only about vapors and hits; there is much more than you can imagine. If you are looking for the best smoking experience, you should have an eye on the material, size, and other accessories which you should have with your bongs. Searching for a better option is easy once you have established the kind of functionality or design that best suits your needs.

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