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10 Tips and Tricks to Stay Fit in all Season

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10 Tips and Tricks to Stay Fit in all Season: Many of us are lucky enough to be healthy, and our lives go on, even if it’s inside the house. We cannot forget that soon we will go out on the street again, go to work, train at the gym and have some tapas on the weekend. And by then, summer will be just around the corner! Do you want to get in shape? We know, yes, 10 tips!

Why it’s Important to Keep Fit

You take care of yourself inside and out for  three  reasons and 10 tips:

  • Because your immune system will be strengthened, maintaining a proper diet and physical activity will increase your endorphins and happiness hormones. Right now, those hormones are more necessary than ever.
  • When you get back to normal, you don’t want to have thrown away the work of all the previous months. You want to put on your jeans, take out your bathing suit and welcome the summer at your ideal weight.
  • Because we need to maintain a routine and normality on a mental and psychological level despite the circumstances, having organized meals, maintaining order from Monday to Friday, and establishing an hour of daily training will help you to be more positive in this situation.

10 Tricks to Stay in Shape

10 tips, Although this situation is temporary, we have already realized that it will be a more extended season than just a vacation. In other words, we cannot take quarantine as a few days of madness and evil at home: we have to continue with our lives.

Here are 10 Tips for you to take advantage of internment to work on your health :

Make a Good Shopping List

We should reduce our visits to the supermarkets for our own benefit and also for other people and for the workers of said establishments. Therefore, before you go shopping, make an inventory of the food you have in your kitchen to avoid buying more and forgetting the essentials. This way, you will avoid spending too much time thinking about the hypermarket. Also, think about different options in advance if the food you are looking for is out of stock. Be flexible: if you are looking for apples but there are none, you can also buy pears, and if you need plum tomatoes, you still have to buy salad tomatoes. It’s okay; we’re not going to starve for that.

Try New Recipes

It’s time that you need to limit your cooking . You need to try making recipes of the food or grocery you have at home that is healthy for you which can add in your regular diet. Avoid making cakes, flans, and sugary desserts to kill idle hours. Instead, you can make vegetable stews, homemade veggie burgers, roasts, or sugar-free desserts. Everything you can do at home, you will not have to buy it managed, and thus you will improve your diet.

Eat Five Meals a Day

Even at home, your body needs a fixed schedule not to alter biorhythms. So try to have a stable plan, eat every 2-3 hours, and thus avoid binge eating. It would help if you consumed a lot of fruit and vegetables since you will need vitamins to maintain your defenses. Strong.

Make Homemade Food Daily

We are always in a hurry, and we don’t have time to cook.  But You need to eat fresh food that is cooked everyday, and is healthy with low salt and oils mostly have natural foods and if it is possible have freshly. You can also have a good selection of frozen vegetables as your fresh groceries run out.

Set your “cheat” meals

That glass of wine or homemade pizza you want has its moment. The weekend has to stay that way, so save those treats for the holidays.  Still, you can make your cheat meals healthier: cook them yourself instead of buying the fries already fried. Make your snacks and sweets. In this way, both physically and emotionally, you will continue to have those days of celebration.

He sleeps 8 hours a day

Rest is essential to maintain good physical and mental health and strengthen the immune system. These hours must be followed, so if you usually do not take a nap, it is better that you do not do it now if that causes you to rest worse at night.

Get Up and Go back to Bed at the Same Time on Weekdays

The body needs a routine, although sometimes it seems like a horrible word. Even if you are working or not the one thing you need to do compulsory is go to bed and wake up at the same time every day from Monday to Friday. Thus, we will establish regular schedules to facilitate our rest and recovery.

Train an Hour Every Day

If you used to train three days a week, now you should train seven, because now you don’t walk and spend too many hours sitting down.  If you have to organize cabinets, clean windows, or empty shelves, take it as another way to be active. You can establish days when your training is lighter, such as a yoga class, a little dance, or a moderate cardiovascular routine, alternated with more intense practices that include strength exercises. Either way, choose your sacred time of day when you can move. If you do it every day simultaneously, it will be easier for you to stick to the routine.

Keep Your Mind Active

We know that the temptation to monetize Netflix or HBO this month is very significant, but there is life beyond these platforms. If you are teleworking, you will not have a problem. If not, take the opportunity to read, study English or take online courses on topics of interest to you. It is necessary for your mental health and, in addition, it will help you to return to normality.

Check Your Weight Every Week 

Whether on the scale or trying on your favorite pants, try to have a reality check every week, so it doesn’t get out of hand. We already know that the tracksuit is very treacherous and we don’t want to be scared in a month, so try to check yourself regularly.

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