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The royal blue dress is usually associated with water in almost all its forms, especially the seas, oceans, and rain. However, depending on the tone, its meaning can vary. For example, light blue has a more innocent and pure symbology, while the royal blue dress is more related to maturity and toughness.

Does It Mean To Wear Royal Blue Dresses

From the waves of the sea to the clouds of the sky. Royal blue dress that surrounds and inspires us every day. And you might not even have noticed, but there’s a good chance it’s sneaked into your closet in more than one piece of clothing (jeans don’t count). But have you ever wondered what it means to wear a royal blue dress?

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

When we think of a Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses, it evokes softness and delicacy. But the royal blue dress is the bluest blue of the blues (ha, we had to) and has a different meaning. In addition, it is a color that has a powerful effect on the human psyche, mainly because of its symbolism and the way we perceive it.

That is why we find royal blue mostly in the uniforms and on the catwalks of the cruise ships since it is also associate with the maritime professions. In color psychology, it is often associated with introspection, shyness, and tolerance. It is one of the colors that have the most to do with calm and control of the same parts to find balance.

Elegant Ways To Combine A Royal Blue Dress

Royal blue will be among our favorites if we go wholeheartedly into the family of more relaxed royal blue dresses. Although highly versatile, sky blue requires supporting colors to create different outfits that fit perfectly depending on the event.

For example, dresses in solid light blue tones are geared more towards gala events and need a few touches of white to make the outfit suitable for more fun occasions.

What Does It Mean To Use?

A royal blue dress represents authority, structure, communication, loyalty, and trust. It is a color that evokes power and respect in its darker tones. And luckily, the Spring/Summer 2022 catwalks have brought us incredible outfits that incorporate them in different shades to inspire you.

How To Wear A [Royal Blue Dress]

The royal blue dress is one of women’s favorite colors for many occasions, and the vast repertoire of shades makes this color perfect for elegant, formal, or more relaxed circumstances.

Royal blue dresses usually combine with various accessories and all kinds of shoes, watches, bracelets, Prada Bags and jewelry accessories with fantastic ease, highlighting the brilliant ones, however discreet they may be.

For you to know how to combine a royal blue dress successfully, we will review the best combinations that we have seen that can be of most excellent help when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for that wedding, that gathering of to find friends. Or that particular date.

Tips To Properly Combine A Royal Blue Dress

Combine A Royal Blue Dress

A royal blue dress is almost a guarantee of success, but it never hurts to refine specific details to give the whole thing the finishing touch.

Keep these tips in mind if you want your new royal blue dress to stand out in your closet. Then, you will see how spectacular your outfit looks.

1.- Discard the reds and oranges.

We imagine you already know, but a color that does not combine with royal blue and less in a dress is red-orange and derivatives.

If you don’t want to look like Supergirl or Captain Marvel, put them aside and choose other, more harmonious colors like a royal blue dress.

Note that secondary colors often accompany royal blue to reinforce its presence. We’ll talk about it in a moment, but of course, it’s not those intense colors and the opposite of blue.

2.- Do not abuse the bright ones.

Blue goes particularly well with small, subtle diamond bracelets, rings, or necklaces. We don’t know why, but it’s an extraordinary combination.

Well, it’s one thing to add a touch of glamor with a few little jewels and another to let the sparkle overshadow the elegance of your royal blue dress. Always try to measure things up and not build anything that doesn’t fulfill a specific function.

3.- Play with the blacks and the whites.

Complementary colors are essential in gala royal blue dresses, which usually opt for dark tones. However, it applies to any women’s clothing of this color, regardless of its hue.

The lighter tones give the royal blue a more relaxed vibe and are ideal for family gatherings. Friends or evenings of a specific nature but not formal.

 4.- Navy blue or very royal blue dresses.

Combine perfectly with white, not only in the dress itself but also in styling. For example, a bow, ribbon, or white bag will go beautifully with an outfit. Where royal blue is the protagonist and will reduce the degree of solemnity.

And the opposite happens when choosing black or darker shades of royal blue. They increase elegance at the expense of relaxation of the ensemble. Making it the best option for formal and solemn occasions that require presence and lightness.

5.- A royal blue for every occasion.

The good thing about royal blue is that it has an extensive gamut, making it very easy to classify. This makes choosing the right outfit for the event much more accessible. Dark tones are reserve for dinners, dates, or formal occasions such as work events, corporate galas, or the like. On the other hand, bright colors are better combine with meetings with friends, family dinners, or days at the beach.

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