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The coveted chocolate bar as the center of a beautiful and defined body is one of the great wishes that we would all like to fulfil for the summer. But the truth is that defining muscles and, at the same time, maintaining muscle mass is a long, complicated process that requires total involvement on the part of the person who carries it out.

It is essential to avoid excesses both in the previous phase to gain volume; the kilos that are gained must be “of quality,” and in the definition phase in which we cannot think that the process can be carried out without losing any of muscle mass, because it is not valid. Whether we like it or not, somewhat will fall by the wayside, but if you follow these tips, it will be very little, and you will be able to define your body by taking care of your health.

Could you not take it to the Extreme?

10% fat is already more than enough. The extreme definition can also lead to different physical and psychological problems. Obsession and anxiety about eating are the most frequent problems on a psychological level. However, others may arise, and loss of libido and fatigue, and weakness are the most common in terms of physique. The worst thing is that the result may be the opposite of what was intended because the definition entails a loss of muscle mass, and the sensation of a more petite body may remain, although, yes, defined. Do not be carried away by false hopes; having a defined body requires effort and sacrifice.

Combined Training

It would help if you had cardio to power fat loss, but weights are essential to maintain or lose as little muscle mass as possible. Although there are conflicting positions, most trainers recommend short. Heavy reps because a high number of representatives would further contribute to muscle loss. Cardio sessions should be intense or with intervals because a long and constant session would not contribute to a better definition of the muscles.

Cheat meal

It is a good ally against anxiety and increases your leptin level, causing your metabolism to speed up. Please do not give up a cheat meal in your definition process, although you should not let it become an open bar.


Rest is essential to gain or maintain muscle mass. You have to sleep a minimum of seven hours and try to make it many more. Sleep will help regenerate your muscles. In training, on the other hand, you should try to maintain as much intensity as possible.

Food and Drink

To define, you will have to reduce the intake of calories, but that does not mean eliminating them. You can reduce the amount but never stop them. It is important to continue counting carbohydrates and even fats, which are not trans, for the body.  It is also essential to drink water and opt for diuretic foods or supplements to avoid retaining liquids, but always without reducing the amount of water that we usually drink.

You have to maintain an adequate protein intake, about 2 grams for every kilo of weight. You will need it because you will recover and strengthen the muscle and reduce the feeling of hunger that will accompany you during the process. In this aspect, protein shakes are one of the best options because they provide the proteins that the body needs; they are quickly absorb and help regenerate and strengthen muscles. The most important thing is that protein is the most satiating macronutrient, making it a fundamental element to control calorie intake better.

Proteins are a fundamental aspect of completing a good definition stage. They must be of quality, and, in this sense, websites such as My Protein guarantee proteins of great purity with hardly any fat. Also, if you are looking for the perfect balance between price and quality. You now have My protein discount codes so that your protein intake comes out for much less.

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