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How Important Is Fitness In Our Lives?

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Physical Fitness

Fitness In Our Lives is define as the body’s skill to perform different types of daily activities without feeling tired. It is measured using a few equipment devices and numerous scientific tests, then compared to the ideal level of fitness to determine an individual’s ability to perform efficiently.

Fitness In Our Lives is divided into two areas: general fitness, which deals with health and well-being, and specific fitness, which deals with a particular type of movement. It can be achieve with good nutrition and enough rest.

Elements Of Fitness

Fitness Elements are any component or trait that plays an important and meaningful role in learning exercise skills and achieving good health (strength, speed, stretch, agility, flexibility, etc.). Any trait is resulting from the fusion of two results in more of them.

The determination of the elements of physical fitness varied from school to school and from scientist to scientist, depending on their views. Still, most agreed on a few essential aspects of physical fitness, and we’ve touched on a few here.

Muscle strength

Muscle strength can be define as the ability of a muscle to expend as much energy as possible.

Several factors affect muscle strength, such as muscle size, number and type of fibres and their elasticity, and psychological factors.

Body Composition

Body composition is the fraction of fat mass to lean mass in the body, with muscle, bone, cartilage, and other vital parts of the body making up some lean mass.

Fitness Speed

Speed ​​is the element that indicates the time it takes for a muscle to perform the required physical effort and is influenced by many factors. Such as muscle fibers, strength and elasticity, willpower and nerve tolerance.

Balance And Coordination

Balance shows the body’s ability to withstand falls for as long as probable. It is influenced by the honesty of the body’s organs, its base of balance, its high center of gravity and line of gravity, and psychological factors.


Flexibility expresses an individual’s ability to achieve activities to the greatest extent possible through a muscle. It is a beneficial influence by the mobility of the joints and the muscle’s elasticity. Continuous and regular training affects muscle flexibility.


Agility is the ability of a specific person to convert the direction of their body, whether on the ground or in the air, in a short period.

Many factors influence body agility; The main ones are the integrity of the nervous system, muscle capacity, the type of activity. And the speed of the body’s response to it.

Cardio Endurance

Cardio Endurance

Resistance is the expression of the ability of the body and its muscles to withstand the possibility of fatigue and stress during the practice of a specific physical activity.

It is an essential component of physical fitness In our lives and should be available to those who work in conditions that require long and strenuous work hours.

How To Improve Your Physical Condition

There are many ways to improve your fitness, including:

Exercise Frequency: How often a person should exercise for more than a week.

Optimal training time: The training time should be longer than usual. If you want to lose weight or achieve specific fitness goals, you may need to exercise more.

Changing the type of exercise: Exercises should be change from time to time. If a person is constantly walking, they may switch to jogging, then jogging, or switch to another exercise, such as swimming.

Additional Fitness Tips:

  • Lift heavy weights to increase the strength of your body muscles.
  • Running and jumping as ample as possible will help get rid of accumulated fat in the body, especially in the abdominal region.
  • Take the stairs instead of trusting the elevator.
  • Choose healthier foods.

Breathe deeply to have your body clean and free of toxins so that you can enjoy a healthy body.

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